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The Caleb Cushing Society

of the Children of the American Revolution

The Caleb Cushing Society is pleased to welcome you to our web site.

C.A.R., the nation's oldest, largest, patriotic youth organization, offers membership to anyone under the age of 21, lineally descended from someone who served in the Continental Army or gave material aid to the cause of freedom in the American Revolution. Organized "for the training of young people in true patriotism and love of country,"

C.A.R. has promoted this vision to hundreds of thousands of members. These boys and girls are the leaders of yesterday, today and tomorrow, now in a second century of keeping patriotism alive. Our South Dakota members make a difference in their communities and the world around them.

About Us.

The Children of the American Revolution is an affiliated with the organization The Daughters of the Revolution.

South Dakota Societies

Society List:

State Project

State President: Madeline McElroy

State Theme: The State Theatre in Sioux Falls: the last jewel in the crown of historic downtown

State Project: This year South Dakota C.A.R. Will be working on fundaising to assist in the restoration work of the State Theatre located in Sioux Falls. It premiered in 1926 at the grandest theatre in the state. The goal is to restore the grandeur of the State Theatre and reopen it as a multi-faceted entertainment facility that can be used and enjoyed by everyone in the community.

National Project

Information about the national project may be found Here


The N.S.C.A.R. web site can be found here

How To Join

The National Society of the Children of the American Revolution, founded in 1895, is the oldest patriotic organization for youths in our country. Membership is open to descendents of patriots of the American Revolution. The age range is birth to twenty-one. Meetings and activities are planned for all ages with special consideration given to younger members.

If you are interested in membership, please contact the Senior State President (address below).

The N.S.C.A.R. web site has the necessary application forms and instructions for membership.

Contact Us

Senior State President: Michelle McElroy